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Custom Framing at Five Points Framing

Custom Framing at FPF

I strive to provide precise, conservation quality work that will last for decades. Finding the balance between a frame that is a work of art in itself that enhances rather than distracts from the work within its edges. It is imperative to gain an understanding of a client’s aesthetic and relationship to their piece and work in collaboration with my design skills and technical knowledge in the design process.

My focus as a shop is in creative projects and high quality, archival technique.

I frame paintings, oils, acrylics, canvas, works on paper, textiles, photography, mirrors, objects and shadow boxes.

Everything I use is conservation grade, including the glass, mounting boards, mat board, mounting and sealing tape, and backing paper. I use 99% UV protection conservation/museum quality glass and acrylic. Properly sealing each framed piece is what helps keep the integrity of the work at high quality for a lifetime. Protecting the work from UV damage on the front, sealing the back to prevent damage from humidity, etc.

Collaboration with other local artists is also a very important part of my business and participation in the art community of Buffalo. I will be featuring locally made frames by both Knotty Moose and the The Guild.

Framing can provide long lasting protection, preservation, and a unique presentation for a piece of work. When you invest in a piece, it is especially imperative to also invest in its preservation.